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"Studying Any One of These Self-Defense Videos Will Dramatically Increase the Odds of Your Victory in the Event of A Violent Criminal Attack!"

Statistics maintained by law enforcement agencies across the nation reveal that criminals often attack with the element of surprise on their side, leaving you with no time to deploy a pepper spay or stun gun. The only "weapon" always available to you is your body! Knowing how to use it to instantly injure some weapon wielding thug regardless of your size, speed, age or athletic ability means you NEVER worry have to worry about surviving an attack. Furthermore, the knowledge you have and the skills you develop can never be banned or confiscated unlike external weapons such as guns and knives.

The instructional self-defense videos listed below will empower you develop your mind and body for maximum effectiveness in minimal time. Carefully review the 12 self-defense videos and order the one that resonates the most with you and discover not only how to survive an attack but how to transform your body into a lethal weapon as well!

Street Safe - This package presents the eight basic tools of JKD that will get you out of 95% of any street confrontation. The instruction is clear, concise, and easy to learn. Paul Vunak specializes in teaching Navy SEALS, FBI, and CIA and a dozen police department SWAT teams how to be the most deadly and efficient soldiers on the planet. Paul's fighting systems can be learned quickly and used with brutal efficiency! Total Run Time: 1 Hour- Get More Details...

Rapid Assault Tactics - Paul originally designed this R.A.T. fighting system for hot duty professionals who had zero time to practice, often had no previous fighting skills, but whose lives depended on learning a simple end the fight right NOW set of skills. This package presents the eight basic tools of JKD that will get you out of 95% of any street confrontation. The instruction is clear, concise, and easy to learn.

He specializes in teaching Navy SEALS, FBI, and CIA and a dozen police department SWAT teams how to be the most deadly and efficient soldiers on the planet. Paul's fighting systems can be learned quickly and used with brutal efficiency! Total Run Time: 1 Hour - Get More Details

Jim West - Is simply one of the most feared men on earth. He has earned a half a dozen medals in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, has spent 15 years in the black bag arm of the Green Berets, trains special forces and Justice Department agents in hand-to-hand combat, and has actually been in over 600 bloody hand-to-hand street fights- never losing- ever!

Jim quickly teaches you the Dark Art of truly nasty, vicious no-rules fighting. He teaches you punches, movement patterns, kicks, choke holds, joint manipulations, pressure points and floor moves - plus much more! Total Run Time: 4 Hrs 4 Min - Get More Details...

The Advanced Combative Tactics (ACT) system is a set of nine expandable and evolving strategies that transform you into a close quarters battle expert.

Whether your intent is self-defense, arrest and control or threat elimination. The ACT system has it all from hand-to-hand small arms.

On this DVD you will learn:

  • Tactics for multiple attackers
  • Psychological tools that prevent freezing and deadly mistakes
  • Devastating strikes that work in any street encounter to diminish the power of a bigger opponent and much, much, more.

Mr. Shannon Stallard is a former bodyguard and leading expert in hand-to-hand and weapons tactics. He specializes in training those who need effective skills in life and death situations. With a lifetime of study, holding teaching positions in numerous styles of martial arts, you can now learn from his elite, hard-won expertise that others have come to trust with their very lives. Run Time: 1 Hr 35 Min - Get More Details...

Gregg Wooldridge is one of the nicest guys but he's known as one of the baddest cats walking the planet.

He was a street cop for 11 years before joining the most famous executive protection group in the world. He protected not just top executives of big companies, but also music and performance stars, from all parts of the entertainment world.

Remember Biggie Smalls, the gangsta rapper? Well Gregg quit in disgust when his warnings of sloppy security around the star went unheeded. Less than 24 hours later, Smalls was murdered by rival gang members. It all pissed Gregg off to the point that he decided to do something drastic -- make his simple and highly effective fight strategies available to average civilians. Guys who will listen and do what it takes to protect the lives of their loved ones.

This special training is NOT hard and it's super easy to master. You'll learn how a street-savvy fighter uses the escalation of force to overwhelm larger opponents (even when you're surprised from behind) how street wise fighters use psychology to scare even tough, big men how to make yourself impossible to strike very critical when you must stay unhurt and able to help others while everyone is panicking.

The improvised weapons instruction is very cool. And it means you will never be without a weapon, no matter where you are and advanced gun disarmament -- the best you'll ever see. He's had to do it. This is not theory. This is what works, and what you need to know. Run Time: 4 Hrs 6 Min - Get More Details...

Delta Seal Camp DVD Series- This is a series of elite combat courses that were hosted by actual Navy Seal and real U.S. Army Delta veteran trainers.

For 4 incredibly intense days, shared everything they knew about close-quarters weapons and unarmed combat.We brought together former Navy Seals and Delta Force soldiers to teach their spec-op level armed and unarmed skills to a small group of ordinary civilians for 4 intense days, word quickly got back to Washington - and the whole thing sent shock waves throughout the entire Defense bureaucracy! These camps were the most complete training in elite level military hand-to-hand and firearm expertise ever offered to anyone outside the Special Forces. Total Run Time: 7 Hrs on 7 DVDs - Get More Details...

Frank Cucci - Spent 12 years as a Navy SEAL (including four years in SEAL Team Six), the most elite division in the SEALS - the guys who always get the juiciest and toughest assignments.

Unarmed Combat Course - You'll learn skills specifically designed for situations where top soldiers suddenly found themselves without a gun or even a pocket knife... possibly wounded... surprised by ambush... out-numbered... and with the violence around them reaching the point of life and death! Minimal athletic ability is required, and each move must have a High Consistency of Success. Total Run Time: 1 Hr 55 Min - Get More Details...

Indian Fighting Skills - There's not an ounce of Asian Martial Arts to this system. This is nothing but pure, distilled, untouched Plains Indian fighting techniques. Astonishing hand to hand instant take out moves that you've never seen before, but it's what Plains Indian braves used everyday to survive in the brutal reality of their daily lives.

Randall Brown - When Randall Brown discovered he had some serious Indian blood in him (he's Cherokee/Apache/Irish)... he began a journey that took him all over the U.S. and Canada, to reservations, small towns, and finally to the Great Plains, where the real action was. Run Time: 2 Hrs 15 Min - Get More Details...

He has over 14 years of intense hands on experience in hostage rescue and SWAT operations. He's also a 2-time Soldier of Fortune Three-Gun Champion... He's won 7 separate State and Regional Gun Championships... a two-time Championship Team Leader at the USPSA National Championship.

FIGHTING MINDSET - In case you didn't know, home invasions are the most deadly and most horrible of all attacks. It's the surprise that can defeat you if you don't know how to deal with it. Bennie gives you special skills that not only prepares you to respond to a surprise attack - but you'll know how to take control over the situation in the blink of an eye! Total Run Time: 4 Hrs 30 Min - Get More Details...

When Vladimir escaped to Canada from Russia, everybody wanted him - including the US military, eager to learn his combat secrets - but he came to us. And the U.S. military still doesn't have these amazing fighting secrets! You cannot find a qualified teacher of these vicious hand-to-hand fighting secrets ANYWHERE in the United States. This stuff is hands-down the best-kept secret among insiders in the world of serious combat.

RUSSIAN FIGHTING SYSTEM - This unique and almost lost art is the only hand to hand fighting system taught to the feared and deadly Russian Spetsnaz soldiers! Run Time: 4 Hrs on 3-DVDs - Get More Details...

COMBAT JKD - Chris is very aggressive in his teaching methods. He demonstrates running attacks and how to deal effectively with multiple attackers. These techniques are quick and easy to learn and don't necessarily require a partner to practice and master them. This is the most honestly brutal, bam-BAM-and-you're-done kind of fighting you could ever imagine...and the best part is, it's especially easy for non-fighting types of people to master quickly! Total Run Time: 3 Hrs 45 Min - Get More Details...

It's not easy being a small man in the bodyguard business so he had to learn how to fight - and win. Perhaps the best self educated street fighter around. He developed his unique style of dirty fighting during his 40 years of formal training. He's worked as a private eye, a personal armed bodyguard to superstar rock groups (like Aerosmith, the Who and Led Zepplin), and a canine handler for 11 separate jurisdictions.

SMALL MAN's ADVANTAGE - In the most sizzling display of raw fighting savvy you'll ever witness, little man Taylor PROVES you can quickly learn... and just as quickly use... his personal Bag of Nasty Tricks to completely obliterate someone twice your size. In fact... these vicious tricks work best when you're outweighed, out sized and out-muscled by your opponent! Total Run Time: 1 Hr 46 Min - Get More Details...

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