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About Us

After 5 years of classical martial arts training, at the the age of 17 I suffered a very embarrassing defeat in a confrontation on a NYC subway train. I learned a painful lesson exposing the disconnect between classical martial art theory and real life street combat. Ever since that event I have been an avid practitioner reality-based mixed martial art training. I created this site to expose the general public to instructional self-defense video technology for acquiring practical and effective self-defense skills that can be mastered by practically anyone without the time and expense associated with formal martial arts training.

An increase in crime, in particular violent crime, is an inevitable result of the social and economic turmoil prevalent in our nation today. The general public is poorly educated with regard to basic self-defense skills. This fact can be easily be verified by performing a simple search on any of the popular video based social medial networks using the keyword term 'violent crime'. Such a search will yield and endless list of violent criminal acts captured by video surveillance cameras throughout the nation.

LearnSelfDefenseFast.com features high quality self-defense training videos specifically designed by renowned martial art experts to quickly empower anyone with the ability to successfully defend ones self against any attacker in any situation. The videos are among the most popular self-defense training DVDs available on the Internet and are backed by a 100% refund policy. In addition, the website offers free self-defense articles and publications, basic self-defense weapons and a variety of safety and survival kits for the home, automobile and workplace.