Discount Self-defense Membership Program Launched

Discount Self-Defense Membership Program Update

by Len

High Tech Self-Defense Discount Membership CardThe first phase of the discount self-defense membership  program at has been completed with deep discounts set for all learn to fight videos and self-defense kits. Only registered members will be able to see the prices. When I say discount self-defense, I’m not talking about some nonsense like a $10 or 10% off coupon. Cheesy coupon gimmicks are for your local supermarket or Walmart and all the Walmart “wannabe” stores.

My prices are designed beat an;y competitors price by a large margin and enable you to get the knowledge and gear you need to make self-defense an integral part of your lifestyle right now.

So how does one become a member? Right now membership is open for former subscribers at who are being “grandfathered” into the program. I’ll be releasing an enrollment offer the discount self-defense membership program to general public in a couple of days so stay tuned!

To Your Defense,

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