Learn2Fightnow.com Has Been Shut Down

Learn2FightNow.com Has Been Closed

by Len

Learn2FIghtNow.com ClosedLearn2FightNow.com  has been closed and will no longer be updated. Learn2FightNow.com was the self-defense web site I operated prior to launching LearnSelfDefenseFast.com and HighTechSelfDefense.com

I was forced to close Learn2FightNow.com due to technical problems and poor support from the company that created the software that powered the site. For every ending there is a new beginning. My two new sites, LearnSelfDefenseFast.com and HighTechSelfDefense.com will be everything I wanted to Learn2FightNow.com to be plus much much more! They will be a powerful force for empowering people with  knowledge tools of self-defense.

I am currently  working on a special discount membership component of HighTechSelfDefense.com. Right now the discount membership covers self-defense videos and Safe Family Life self-defense kits and will soon be expanded to cover all products.

High Tech Self-Defense Discount Membership Card

I will make the discount membership available to the general public in a special promotional offer that I’ll be releasing very soon. Right now my former Learn2FightNow.com subscribers are eligible for one full year in the discount program and will be included upon request free of charge.

If you were a subscriber at Learn2FightNow.com  you want to take advantage of the new discount membership program just use the Contact Us link to send a request.  Mention that you would like to be added to the program and be sure to include your Learn2FightNow.com login id for verification.  I will respond with instructions for setting up your account.

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