Russian Fighting System DVD - Vladimir Vasiliev

Russian Fighting System DVD - Vladimir Vasiliev

Vicious Russian "Top Secret" Spec Op Military Fighting System Finally Revealed By Defiant "Underdog" U.S. Businessman!
This exciting news is going to blow the lid off the "self-defense" industry. Due to some unbelievably complex (international) breakthroughs...

Its a videotape Of Russian Spec Op Unarmed Combat Secrets The U.S. Military Spent Millions Trying To Steal!

And the U.S. military still doesn't have these amazing Russian Fighting System secrets! You cannot find a qualified teacher of these vicious hand-to-hand fighting secrets ANYWHERE in the United States... not in the military Special Forces, not in the FBI or CIA Virginia compounds, not in any of the high-tech "foreign experiment" dojos around "Area 51" in Nevada (the most secret military installation in the world). This stuff is hands-down the best-kept secret among "insiders" in the world of serious combat.

There's no law against owning these tapes... or selling them. Once the tapes are in the hands of the "public" (meaning non-military people like you), the game is over.

But, man, are you ever going to be blown away by the Russian Fighting System DVD! If you value your self-defense (and the protection of your family and loved ones)... you have just discovered the easiest... yet most effective way to beat any attacker (of any size), anywhere, anytime... even if you are surprised, outnumbered, or bare-handed against a weapon!

You learn it fast, it's easy to use, and yet even casual training in it will allow you to rub the noses of bigger, meaner, and more skilled black belt/streetfighing thugs into the dirt. It's so deceptively dangerous, people will think you're using magic to knock opponents out! Sounds like a Hollywood movie, doesn't it? Well, it's not. Two expensive "investigative reporters" were hired to see if all this was the truth. Here's what they found:

It's just hands-down the most devastating fighting system anyone's ever seen. (This is freely admitted by martial art experts in every discipline.) Second, it's simple to master, and not based on strength or conditioning— the equivalent of handing you a loaded revolver to face an unarmed attacker:

No contest!

Then there's the amazing "short cut" learning process. Russian scientists discovered long ago how to quickly "download" even the most vicious training directly into your nervous system—so it's part of who you are, not just something you've memorized. That means, in a fight, while the other guy is thinking about his next move, you've already made yours... and ended the fight. (This Russian secret of "training the nervous system directly" has never been fully understood by the U.S. military—in fact, Vladimir can't even explain what he does... he only has the massive evidence of success to show that what he does works. This enrages American scientists—especially the ones connected with the Pentagon.)

And, this new system prepares you with physical, psychological and PSYCHIC training... stuff our boys haven't even begun to understand. Vladimir trained with knives held to his back, fighting live prisoners using live ammo, suffering mind-game torture (like being stuffed in a small sewer pipe so tight he could barely breathe, and left there for long hours)... and— coupled with the devastating hand-to-hand skills you're also about to learn— it was this training that got these soldiers so tough, so dangerous, and so skilled that they got through bloody fights victorious and safe.

What's more... it was GUARANTEED these elite Russian soldiers would never meet a better hand-to-hand fighter...

Anywhere On The Planet!

This system evolved because of Russia's long history of warfare. Everybody took a shot at them over the last few thousand years... which meant Russian soldiers had to learn (fast) how to beat black belt Japanese Samurai... razor-swallowing Mongols under Attila the Hun... French savate experts... British boxers... Korean swordsmen... Turkish terrorists... German storm-troopers... and on and on. So they needed a system that would instantly adapt to any fighting style you faced... and instantly beat it.

Russia didn't have a "standing" army of professional soldiers until recently, either—so this fighting system also had to be learned quickly by farmers and factory workers... and mastered by them... so they could go into battle (often the next day) and win against superior numbers and better-armed professional warriors. What's more, once learned, this system had to be so simple to remember, and so natural (using only those moves you do naturally, everyday, to walk, wash, eat, breathe, etc.) that these "farmer-soldiers" wouldn't forget it, even if it was 20 years until the next battle!

The amazing thing is, researchers discovered that civilians who learned (even casually) this system seemed to absorb all the attributes of the "super soldiers".

It's amazing, too, what happens when "ordinary" people train with Vladimir. Businessmen suddenly find themselves influencing people with their confidence and intuition... smaller guys who would never otherwise consider a bodyguard job suddenly excel at it... and... without a word said... suddenly no one wants to get in your way in the street. It's like "loading up" your body and your confidence with...

Mysterious Power That Others Can Sense In You!

What Vladimir does is teach your body to "think"... this training goes straight to your nervous system, and operates automatically whenever you're in danger! This ain't JKD by any measure... yet what Vladimir teaches is more "in tune" with Bruce Lee's philosophy than any other art now practiced anywhere! (Stay fluid... no memorized moves... only use what works, regardless of tradition... everything Bruce Lee promised has shown up in this amazing new system.)

Here are some details of what you're about to learn:

Where to find the "handles" on your opponent
so you can lead him into your elbows and knees and inflict more immediate damage than any karate kick or ju jitsu take-down known!

How to deliver a "punch" (without ever forming a classic "fist") that will do more devastation than hitting your opponent with a hammer! (You'll look like a blur of motion, but in reality you're only making very simple, natural movements—easily learned-- which you can use regardless of your fitness level or body type!)

The most unique knee work you've ever seen... allowing you to dominate attackers without putting your drink down! Devastating, effective... perfect for tight places, or when your arms have been trapped (or, as the Russians learn, wounded)!

How to unleash the natural "whips" in your body to take out even attackers who have advanced, high-end athletic quick reactions! (They can be twice as fast as you and still not be able to defend themselves from the brain-numbing blows you deliver!)

How to use your belly to deflect formal and street-level strikes—even if you've got a large gut! (You've never seen a fighting art that allows you to be so out of shape, and still deadly!)

Special "one-strike" fight-enders especially developed by the Russians to be used when you are exhausted, drained of energy, even wounded! (You only want to know this vicious stuff for when your life is in danger! The games are over...)

An ingenious way to use your teeth (that could only come from the Russians) on hidden "pressure points" that will leave your opponent helpless!

Where to look with your eyes during a confrontation—the Russians discovered it's NOT a direct stare that gives you an advantage... almost all professional fighters eventually do this intuitively, and now you'll have the secret!

The incredible Russian "Trinity Shot"—a rapid-fire explosion of hands and feet that no one can defend against! (And yet it's simple to learn, completely adaptable to your body type and level of fitness!)

How to use ingenious "test kicks" to find out how scared your opponent is! (He may look confident and tough, but you'll know the truth in seconds.)

The most devastating "finishing moves" you've ever seen—easy to learn, utterly final for ending a fight fast!

Filthy Russian "dirty tricks" that will turn cocky black belt fighters into unconscious lumps of meat at your feet! (You won't believe these "one-second discussion enders" until you see them for yourself!)

And lots more.

In fact, I've made sure your "special" set of tapes includes a Bonus section on "Improvised Weapons"... where you'll learn:

How to make a instant set of "brass knuckles" with a magazine and four quarters!
(Better than a brick or baseball bat for inflicting pain and damage against multiple attackers-- includes specific "best targets" map for strikes.)...

How to use your wallet to take out a knife-wielding attacker! (Perfect "dirty trick" for turning tables on a mugger.)...

How to use a credit card as a knife! (Inflict wounds as savage as an Afghani Khyber sword!)...

How to use your jacket to take away a knife, to strangle multiple opponents (astonishing technique, easy to master!), and to literally tie-up a conscious attacker so he can't get free!... 11 ways to use your belt more effectively than a knife or bat! (Plus, the Russian Army "official" way to use a belt to truss up an opponent so he can't move, can't get away... and will go anywhere you want him to go! Perfect info for taking care of attackers after you've subdued them!)...

How to make a "noose" out of almost anything... to make sure your opponent stays down after you've put him on the ground! (Answers the question, finally, of what to do until the cops arrive!).

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