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Taser X2 Defender Kit Black

Taser Failure: Cop Beaten and Shot With Her Own Gun in Appleton Wisconsin

by Len
A Taser ® is a formidable less-than-lethal self-defense weapon. I like it. I like any device that can give someone a strategic self-defense advantage. Tasers ® are highly effective and for that reason have they become standard issue with the police officers of many departments across the county. You can find many videos on social media sites that show a Taser ® being successfully used to apprehend crime suspects. When a Taser ® is used properly under the right conditions, the result is very…
Warrior Mindset

Develop A Warrior Mind Set for Self-Defense

by Len
Animals have innate self-defense and self preservation instincts. We humans are animals too. Despite our superior intellect we actually have more in common with animals than most people would be comfortable admitting.  The  innate fight or flight instincts of animals is necessary for survival in  the harsh and brutal natural world where only the fittest survive according to the laws of nature. We created civilizations to shield ourselves from the harsh reality of nature. In our civilizations…