Small Man Advantage DVD - Bob Taylor

Small Mans Advantage DVD - Bob Taylor

"Why Are The Biggest and Toughest Fighters So Terrified Of Little Bobby Taylor?"

In the most sizzling display of raw fighting savvy you'll ever witness, "little man" Taylor PROVES you can quickly learn ... and just as quickly use...his personal "Bag O' Nasty Tricks" to completely obliterate someone twice your size. In fact... these vicious tricks work best when you're outweighed, outsized and out-muscled by your opponent!

If you are "size challenged", or usually find yourself looking up at people when they talk to you... this is the PERFECT fighting tactics system you could ever ask for. You don't need to be strong, or agile, or possess magic powers. In fact... your size is actually an ADVANTAGE in a fight.

And if you're large size ... or even a big gorilla type... then you want to see Bob's tricks before you ever leave the house again. Because, if you don't understand the advantage a smaller man has against you, you're dead meat in a real fight. What's more... knowing these nasty "little guy" fighting tricks allows you to use them too. They are just as devastating when used by a big guy against another big guy... or a vicious small guy looking to punch your lights out.

What you'll learn in Small Man Advantage ain't your normal martial arts,
not by a long shot. Bob Taylor (he's only 5' 6" but dangerous as all get out - take a look at his bio) developed hand-to-hand fighting skills that have won him the awesome and unreserved respect he now has in the fighting world.

Here's a sample of what you're about to see in Small Man Advantage:

  • Where the most vulnerable targets are on a big man ... spots you can easily get to without being touched by him in return!
  • How to take out a larger attacker "in close"... without ever striking above his waist.
  • How to crush any attacker's feet with a single stomp! (Do it wrong, as most martial artists do, and you'll just make him angrier. Do it the way Bob shows you, and his feet will collapse like socks full of crushed walnuts.)
  • How to use the psychological advantage you have against an attacker who thinks he's going to rip you up easily. (Big surprise for him, nice tidy 2-second fight for you.)
  • How to never get hurt yourself in a fight, even if you go against Mr. Universe!
  • Why the most devastating head-butt you can deliver does NOT require any strength. (Bob demonstrates by wrapping four flooring tiles - "strength factor" of 11.2, more than a human skull! - with a layer of rubber to simulate skin... and then obliterating it with a single head-butt. Amazing proof you won't ever forget when you need it...)
  • How to break his collar bone without using your fist! (A neat trick entirely new to martial arts!)
  • How to do more damage in a 2-second "flurry" of attacking strikes... than two men can usually do against one victim!

And a lot more. Bob reveals (for the first time) why he never cuts his left thumbnail (this will shock the hell out of you )... why he prefers to go against bigger opponents... why so many of the moves "regular" martial artists teach will actually hurt you as much as your opponent ... and all the sneaky "psychological" tricks he uses to fool opponents in the crucial first seconds of any fight.

Don't miss out. Small Man Advantage  the best stuff you'll ever see, if you're serious about fighting to win. But decide for yourself.

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